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FP7 Cooperation

The specific programme on 'Cooperation' supports all types of research activities carried out by different research bodies in trans-national cooperation and aims to gain or consolidate leadership in key scientific and technology areas.


Projects currently underway

  • Acronym: NMTrypI
    Title: New Medicines for Trypanosomatidic Infections
    PI: Maria Paola Costi
  • Acronym: P-SOCRATES
    Title: Parallel SOftware framework for time-CRitical mAny-core sysTEmS
    PI: BERTOGNA Marko
  • Acronym: TESTA
    Title: Seed health: development of seed treatment methods, evidence for seed transmission and assessment of seed health
    PI: STEFANI Emilio
  • Acronym: FOCAS
    Title: FOCAS Organisation, Coordination And Support
    PI: CABRI Giacomo
  • Acronym: DRUGSFORD
    Title: Preclinical development of drugs and drug delivery systems for the treatment of inherited photoreceptor degeneration
    PI: MARIGO Valeria
  • Acronym: COBRA
    Title: CO-morBidity in Relation to Aids
    PI: GUARALDI Giovanni
  • Acronym: PPDR-TC
    Title: Public Protection and Disaster Relief – Transformation Center
    PI: CASONI Maurizio
  • Acronym: HYDROBOND
    Title: New cost/effective superHYDROphobic coatings with enhanced BOND strengh and wear resistance for application in large wind turbine blades
  • Acronym: GENEGRAFT
    Title: Phase I/II ex vivo gene therapy clinical trial for recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa using skin equivalent grafts genetically corrected with a COL7A1-encoding SIN retroviral vector
    PI: DE LEUCA Michele
  • Acronym: TETRACOM
    Title: Technology Transfer in Computing System
    PI: BERTOGNA Marko
  • Acronym: FORTISSIMO
    Title: Factories of the Future Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling
    PI: PELLICANO Francesco

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Ended projects

    Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL Integrated system for safe transportation of children
  • Acronym: SAVE ME
    Title: Systems and Actions for Vehicles and Transportation hubs to support disaster Mitigation and Evacuation
    PI: DELL'AMICO Mauro
  • Acronym: SAPERE
    Title: Self Aware pervasive service ecosystems
  • Acronym: ASCENS
    Title: Autonomic Service-Component Ensembles
  • Acronym: OPTISTEM
    Title: Optimization of stem cell therapy for degenerative epithelial and muscle diseases
    PI: DE LUCA Michele
    Title: European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development
    PI: SECCHI Cristian
  • Acronym: MAAT
    Title: Multibody Advanced Airship for Transport
    PI: DUMAS Antonio
  • Acronym: ACHEON
    Title: Aerial Coanda High Efficiency Orienting-jet Nozzle
    PI: DUMAS Antonio
  • Acronym: CROP
    Title: Cycloidal Rotor Optimized for Propulsion
    PI: DUMAS Antonio
  • Acronym: D3Cos
    Title: Designing Dynamic Distributed cooperative Human-Machine System
    PI: FONDA Sergio
  • Acronym: UNIFARM
    Title: GNSS User Forum on Navigation based Innovation for Farmers
    PI: FANTUZZI Cesare
  • Acronym: PAN-ROBOTS
    Title: Plug and Navigate ROBOTS for smart factories
    PI: FANTUZZI Cesare
  • Acronym: BIOtrachea
    Title: Biomaterials for Tracheal Replacement in Age-related Cancer via a Human Engineered Airway
    PI:PELLEGRINI Graziella
  • Acronym: FLIP
    Title: Fatty liver: Inhibition of Progression
  • Acronym: PERSIST
    Title: Persisting Transgenesis
    PI: MAVILIO Fulvio
  • Acronym: TELEFOT
    Title: Field Operational Tests of Atermarket and Nomadic Devices in Vehicles
    PI: DELL'AMICO Mauro
  • Acronym: TELEFOT INCO
    Title: Field Operational Tests of Aftermarket and Nomadic Devices in Vehicles -International cooperation aspects
    PI: DELL'AMICO Mauro
  • Acronym: NASCENT
    Title: Silicon Nanodots for solar cell tandem
    PI: OSSICINI Stefano
  • Acronym: AWARE
    Title: Coordination Action for Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems
    PI: CABRI Giacomo
  • Acronym: VIRTUOSO
    Title: Versatile InfoRmation Toolkit for end-Users oriented Open Sources explOitation
    PI: COLAJANNI Michele
  • Acronym: QBOL
    Title: Development of diagnostic tool using DNA barcoding to identify quarantine organisms in support of plant health
    PI: STEFANI Emilio
  • Acronym: THINS
    Title: Thermal-hydraulics of Innovative Nuclear Systems
    PI: STALIO Enrico
  • Acronym: COMIFIN
    Title: Communication Middleware for a secure and dependable Financial Infrastructures
    PI: COLAJANNI Michele
  • Acronym: COMIFIN ICA
    Title: Communication middleware for monitoring financial CI - International Cooperation aspects
    PI: COLAJANNI Michele
  • Acronym: SAFE RIDER
    Title: Advanced Telematics for enhancing the safety and comfort of motorcycle riders
    PI: DELL'AMICO Mauro
  • Acronym: ASSET ROAD
    Title: Advanced Safety and Driver Support in Essential Road Transport
    PI: DELL'AMICO Mauro
  • Acronym: ISI-PADAS
    Title: Integrated Human Modelling and Simulation to support Human Error Risk Analysis of Partially Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems
    PI: DELL'AMICO Mauro
  • Acronym: 2-BE SAFE
    Title: Wheeler Behaviour And Safety
    PI: DELL'AMICO Mauro
  • Acronym: PANORAMA
    Title: Pervasive Adaptation Network for the Organization of the Research Agenda and the Management of Activities
  • Acronym: BONE
    Title: Building the Future Optical Network in Europe: the e-Photon/One Network
    PI: CASONI Maurizio
    Title: Multimodal skin inspection with hybrid acoustic & optical spectroscopic imaging
    PI: PELLACANI Giovanni
  • Acronym: NEUROCYPRES
    Title: Neurotransmitter Cys-loop receptors: structure, function and disease
    PI: ZOLI Michele
  • Acronym: USTIR
    Title: User Driven Stimulation of Radical New technological Steps in Surface Transport
    PI: MARIANI Michele
  • Acronym: NBC-EFFORT
    Title: Neural and behavioral correlates of mental effort
    PI: PAGNONI Giuseppe
  • Acronym: BEMOSA
    Title: Behavioral Modelling for Security in Airports
    PI: MARIANI Michele
  • Acronym: EDScience 09
    PI: REBECCHI Barbara
  • Acronym: EDScience 10
    Title: Everyday Science 2010. Researchers and Research in Everyday Life
    PI: REBECCHI Barbara
  • Acronym: REBORNE
    Title: Regenerating Bone defects using New biomedical Engineering approaches
    PI: DOMINICI Massimo
  • Acronym: I-ONE
    Title: Implantable Organic Nano-Electronics
    PI: Fabio Biscarini

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