FP7 Capacities

The Commission’s proposals for the FP7 Capacities programme aim to enhance research and innovation capacities throughout Europe and ensure their optimal use.

Ended projects

  • Acronym: NOVAPRESS
    Title: Development of a non-destructive sensor to determine density gradient of ceramic tiles during pressing
    P.I.: ROMAGNOLI Marcello
  • Acronym: FACIT SME
    Title: Facilitate IT providing SME's by operation related models and methods
  • Acronym: eBEST
    Title: Empowering Business Ecosystems of Small Service Enterprises
    P.I.: BONFATTI Flavio
  • Acronym: eSponder
    Title: A holistic approach towards the development of the first responder of the future
    P.I.: CASONI Maurizio
  • Acronym: OPTObacteria
    Title: Multianalyte automatic system for the detection of drug resistant bacteria
    P.I.: COSTI Maria Paola
  • Acronym: IndGEAR
    Title: On-line early damage diagnosis, prognosis and root cause analysis for Industrial multi-stage gearboxes used in the water industry
    P.I.: PELLICANO Francesco